Block Aero and AFRA Partner on Used Parts Registries

March 11, 2024

Hong Kong/Washington D.C., 11th March 2024 – Block Aero and the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) are pleased to announce the launch of a ‘Registry-as-a-Service’ airworthiness compliance solution for serialized parts. This initiative will enhance the safety, efficiency, and traceability of aircraft parts management.

This strategic partnership leverages Block Aero’s cutting-edge aviation blockchain platform to implement a state-of-the-art database solution. The registry is designed to meet the requirements of civil aviation authorities for information management and public disclosure of aircraft parts reused in the aviation aftermarket.

A ‘digital product passport’ will be created as a private, permissioned and cryptographically secure record in the registry. All associated data and documentation will be attached to this record at the moment of creation and updated as the part moves through the lifecycle. AFRA will serve as the registry manager and collaborate with civil aviation authorities and other oversight partners to perform audits on registry parts.

Initial Registry Deployments

The first application of the registry will be to ‘rebirth’ parts harvested from teardowns conducted by accredited AFRA members. This will provide greater certainty for the aftermarket community as to the authenticity of aftermarket parts and help dismantling providers stay in compliance with the AFRA Best Management Practices (BMP) Guide for aircraft recycling.

Todd Siena, Founder & CEO of Block Aero, said: “2023 was a year rocked by fake part certificate scandals and supplier oversight failures. Let’s work together to give aviation safety management systems a global solution to overcome these challenges.

Block Aero plans to work with AFRA to promote sustainable practices in aircraft disassembly and recycling. The two organizations will collaborate with civil aviation authorities to encourage adoption on a country-by-country basis, leveraging Block Aero’s existing partnership with ICAO.


AFRA’s collaboration with Block Aero follows its recent agreement with the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) that will allow accredited aircraft dismantling facilities and asset managers to sell their Used Serviceable Material (USM) to Chinese airline and MRO buyers. 

Brent Webb, President of AFRA, said: “By joining forces with Block Aero we are not just enhancing the efficiency and safety of aircraft parts management, we are also leading the charge in promoting sustainable practices across the industry. This initiative marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards a greener aviation sector, powered by blockchain’s unmatched transparency and security.

Benefiting Safety and Sustainability

Both Block Aero and AFRA are committed to driving innovation across the aviation industry. This partnership is the first step of many towards raising the bar for both safety and sustainability. With new regulations emerging that will require lifecycle carbon footprint tracking at the individual aircraft and serialized part level, end-of-life information management solutions like the parts registry will become increasingly important to help the aviation industry transition to a zero-carbon future.

About the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association

The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) is a membership-based global collaboration to elevate industry performance and increase commercial value for end-of-service aircraft. AFRA represents companies from across the globe and throughout the supply-chain – from manufacturers to materials recyclers. Through the collective experience of its members, AFRA’s Best Management Practice (BMP) Guide has significantly improved the management of end-of-life aircraft in terms of environmental and sustainable performance.

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