Block Aero and AFRA host US-China USM Sales Seminar in Phoenix

December 1, 2023

Block Aero recently hosted its first US-China Parts Sales Seminar to explore new opportunities for USM sales to China. Recent changes to Chinese regulations will drastically expand the potential for selling used aircraft parts into the Chinese market, allowing aftermarket players with appropriate processes and accreditations to reach an untapped market containing 4,000 active aircraft.

The event was supported by the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) who have spearheaded the recent cooperation with the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). A recent MoU signed between the two organizations will allow Chinese buyers to source USM from AFRA and ASA certified part-out organizations.

Block Aero has cooperated with both AFRA and the CAAC to develop a blockchain-based digital asset management solution to facilitate compliance with proposed revisions to CAAC AC-145-FS-2019-017. These revisions will require all part-outs and inventory to be registered in an English language database endorsed by both AFRA and the CAAC.

The seminar was the first dedicated event to educate the US aftermarket community about the new opportunity to tap the market for Chinese USM buyers. The aviation market in China is expected to see strong growth over the next 10 years, with the in-service fleet growing by 30%. Large cohorts of aircraft will also leave warrantee and enter the maintenance intensive phase of their lifecycle.

Block Aero is planning to host throughout 2024. Stay informed about upcoming events in a city near you by signing up here.

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