Insights From ISHKA Panel: What Are Airlines Doing to Decarbonise Now?

September 7, 2023

The ISHKA conference is renowned for its ability to unite investors from across the globe with the aviation finance community. It serves as a platform where experienced and new investors come together to discuss and shape future investment strategies in the aviation sector. We were privileged to attend the ISHKA Finance: Japan conference in Tokyo and to be given the opportunity to moderate a crucial discussion within the aviation industry.

CEO Todd Siena moderated the discussion “Airline Sustainability: What are airlines doing to decarbonise now?” This panel brought together a distinguished group of professionals including Japan Airlines Director of Quality Assurance, Hideki Ochiai; Airbus SVP Sales North America, Jean-Pierre Stainnack; Lufthansa Group Head of ESG Reporting, Claudia Huegel; and Embraer Regional Sales Director, Fernando Grau.

Todd’s participation in this panel comes as Block Aero continues to develop its sustainable commodities product offering. Leveraging the mature blockchain infrastructure developed for its MRO and asset management tools, Block Aero will soon be able to provide airline and fuel supply chain customers with a best-in-class carbon accounting solution. Stay tuned for further announcements at the upcoming Aviation Carbon conference in London on 6-7 November 2023.

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