Bloomberg Intelligence Analyst Briefing: Blockchain Solutions for Aviation Tracking

March 29, 2023

Block Aero Technologies will be featured at the upcoming Bloomberg Intelligence webinar “Blockchain Solutions for Aviation Traceability.” CEO Todd Siena will join Senior Aerospace/Defense Analyst George Ferguson to share how blockchain solutions can be applied in the commercial aerospace industry today and in the near future.


  • How aerospace companies can use blockchain to reduce operational disruptions and improve turnaround times

  • How the Block Aero platform is being used today to track over $200m of daily MRO activity

  • How we can use blockchain to solve the industry’s accumulated technical debt caused by decades of paper-based record keeping

  • The opportunity to deploy blockchain on new product verticals in aviation, such as for SAF accounting or ensuring compliance with new Chinese regulations for USM imports

Join us on 18 April 2023 at 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada) / 9:00 PM Indochina Time. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how blockchain technology is transforming the aerospace industry. Register now using the link below:

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