CAVU Aerospace Joins Block Aero’s Aviation Blockchain Network

March 13, 2023

Block Aero Technologies is pleased to announce the addition of CAVU Aerospace to its growing number of aerospace aftermarket customers.

CAVU Aerospace is a valuable partner specialized in providing aircraft disassembly, dismantling, and recycling services throughout Europe and the US. They also offers a range of aftermarket aviation services including aircraft parts sales, maintenance, and refurbishment. The company has always been at the forefront of digital innovation, offering the CAVU SmartServices™ digital product suite to its teardown and MRO customers.

Block Aero will integrate CAVU’s existing digital offerings with the MRO Manager and support the implementation of ATA Spec 2000 Part Certificate Form using data from CAVU SmartTags™.

CAVU Aerospace Co-Founder & Partner, Kenneth Kocialski, said “We are excited to be using Block Aero’s MRO Manager product to streamline our work order management process during aircraft teardowns. This cutting-edge technology will provide us with the efficiencies we need to continue to deliver the high-quality service our customers have come to expect from CAVU Aerospace.”

CAVU Aerospace Co-Founder & Partner, Brent Webb, added “There are millions of parts out there without ‘back-to-birth’ records because they existed before back to birth was prevalent in the industry – this goes from aircraft models as old as the 727 to models as new as the 777 and A380. Block Aero allows CAVU to contribute to a rebirth record by putting assets on the blockchain at the time of the removal from the aircraft. Keeping these items on the blockchain will then enable a digital trace to stay with the part forever.”

The partnership with CAVU signals Block Aero’s entry into the aircraft teardown segment of the aviation industry’s aftermarket.

Block Aero Technologies Founder & CEO, Todd Siena, commented “Effective communication and data exchanges between airlines, MROs, and lessors is crucial for business continuity, especially when it comes to the core workstreams of maintenance planning and material management. That’s why using a Block Aero solution that brings data into compliance with the standards and recommended practices of Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA) and IATA for back-to-birth trace is such a good fit for CAVU’s SmartServices.”

About CAVU Aerospace

Founded in 2010, CAVU Aerospace Inc. is one of the world’s leading providers of asset management, disassembly & recycling services, and creator of the suite of CAVUSmartServices™ which include the patent pending CAVU SmartTags™, a secure inventory real-time tracking system, CAVUSmartMRO™, CAVUSmartBids™, and CAVUSmartLogistic™

About Block Aero

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