ICAO and Block Aero collaborate on disaster risk reduction and crisis response toolkit

June 11, 2021


Block Aero has collaborated with ICAO and the humanitarian aviation community to bring a new solution that will help aviation crisis response and disaster risk reduction. The solution uses the latest developments in ICAO API web services and Block Aero’s blockchain infrastructure. It satisfies the following objectives:

  1. Build and provide a scalable technical solution based on blockchain technology that is fit for purpose, safe, and ready to use;
  2. Minimize physical equipment and enable set up of a cloud-based, one-stop solution;
  3. Reduce risk before implementation of solution by collaborating with early adopter ICAO Member States and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Reduction in Aviation (HADRA) expert group.

Block Aero is using its expertise and best practices in blockchain to build a solution for securing and managing data. Open-source protocol Hyperledger Fabric is used for collecting, validating, and distributing data blocks.

Problem Statement

In the aftermath of a disaster, aviation stakeholders may not be prepared to accommodate a large number of flights and handle considerably more cargo than during normal operations. This problem is of particular significance when infrastructure and services are degraded which is common during a crisis. In addition, information flows between the aviation and humanitarian communities are not always established to guarantee the optimized use of available airport capacity. It leads to inefficiencies, disorganization, and delays.

The Block Aero Solution

With the implementation of a blockchain solution, all the role-, validation-, timeliness-, and standardization-related issues are resolved, creating a seamless cooperation between multiple stakeholders under predefined rules. We can also avoid any confusion regarding the source, validity and authenticity of the data.

With appropriate implementation of combination of blockchain / AI / web 3.0 technology the following results are achieved:

  • Automated API data feeds
  • Standardized reporting format
  • Standardized reporting process
  • Known sources
  • Version control and traceability
  • Validation by state authorities
  • Immutable record of events
  • Analytics for continuous improvement of emergency information management


Here is what ICAO has to say about our solution: A more coordinated use of aviation in disaster response – Uniting Aviation

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