Block Aero Announces Flagship Customer: JALUX Inc.

November 8, 2021

Block Aero Technologies has signed a multi-year contract with JALUX Inc (Jalux) for the provision of digital solutions for MRO management. The awarding of the contract comes after a thorough procurement process that evaluated multiple vendors.

Block Aero was selected for its strong understanding of the airline industry, speed of bringing new technology to market, and its business model that encourages open collaboration across organizational silos.

Jalux expects to gain near-term efficiencies in its MRO business operations, with these benefits ultimately being shared with its wider ecosystem of MRO and OEM partners. This aligns with Jalux’s corporate strategy to open up new opportunities for business model innovation, pursue sustainable development goals, and share value creation with customers, vendors, and society.

Founder and CEO of Block Aero Technologies, Todd Siena, said “We are honored to be trusted by a client as respected and established as Jalux. This is a very important milestone in realizing our vision to provide practical and scalable solutions that transform fragmented aviation data into frictionless digital assets.”

About JALUX Inc.

JALUX Inc. is a trading company having its own strength in the aviation and airport-related domains. It provides original value-added products and services in following four business domains; Aviation & Airport business, Life Service business, Retail business and Food & Beverage business.

About Block Aero

Block Aero is an award-winning blockchain platform that allows organizations across the aviation supply chain to take control of their data, operations and collaborative workflows. We help organizations lower the cost of business, reduce turnaround times and explore new revenue streams.

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