Block Aero announces pilot project with Etihad Airways at ICAO Blockchain Summit

April 15, 2019

Block Aero unveiled its flagship pilot project with Sanad Aerotech and Etihad Airways at the ICAO Aviation Blockchain Summit & Exhibition.

The blockchain pilot project, sponsored by Mubadala Aerospace R&D, aims to improve engine overhaul times by enhancing cooperation between parties that need to collaborate on aircraft asset data.

Todd Siena, Founder & CEO of Block Aero, said this project represented the first step towards the realization of a fully digital aerospace industry:

“We are working with partners to build blockchain-based asset management platform that can transform the way we operate and transact high value aviation assets.”

The ICAO Blockchain Summit, held in Abu Dhabi on 2-4 April 2019, was the venue at which Block Aero revealed its plans to assist the No Country Left Behind initiative. In a keynote presentation on the first day of the conference, Todd announced a plan to provide all national civil aviation regulators a free node on the Block Aero Network:

“Authorities will have a simple solution to secure certifications, licenses, airworthiness directive compliance, and more. There will be a path for global acceptance of digital signature and paperless records. We will administer the deployment of these nodes from our new office in the UAE. Hopefully with the support of ICAO, IATA and the global industry, no country will be left behind by the blockchain revolution.”

In the spirit of transparency and openness, Todd also took the opportunity to release Block Aero’s Hyperledger Fabric chaincode under an open-source model. The chaincode governs the rules for asset identities and interactions between registered users. It will soon be available on Block Aero’s github.

In the near future, Block Aero looks forward to working with more partners in the aviation industry to realize the vision of a blockchain-secured safety management system and an efficient, paperless supply-chain.

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