Who we are
Block Aero's mission is to improve global safety management systems, increasing productivity and transaction efficiency across the aerospace industry.

We operate and maintain the Block Aero Platform, a web-enabled
blockchain network built with Hyperledger Fabric.

The platform manages the process of connecting assets, organizations and personnel with on-chain twins of their records, certificates and licenses.

Our story
Block Aero was founded in 2017 to solve the problems caused by the inefficient, fragmented and paper-based approaches used to manage, operate and transact aviation assets.

We were frustrated at the constant challenge of sorting through paper records and folders of PDFs to determine airworthiness and establish back-to-birth trace.

As blockchain frameworks such as Hyperledger Fabric matured, we saw a way to unite this technology with computer vision and rapidly structure analogue data. This helps aviation companies to secure the pedigree of their assets.

Block Aero makes siloed data securely accessible by your network of trusted business partners. Early adopters use our software to remove duplication of data entry, eliminate paperwork and streamline MRO processes.