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Block Aero is working with organizations across the aerospace supply chain to embrace blockchain and artificial intelligence technology.

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Our Vision
Block Aero Founder & CEO Todd Siena on why the aviation industry needs to embrace blockchain and AI technology.

Why Blockchain & AI for Aviation
Opaque information about
aviation assets

Stakeholders in the aviation industry have a poor idea of who owns the trillions of dollars of assets and what condition they are in.

Slow and laborious process
of ownership transfer

Due diligence for aviation asset transfer is a complicated process that requires multiple teams of skilled personnel to review thousands of documents

Cumbersome paper-based
asset management

Aircraft and their parts accumulate vast quantities of paper documentation used to manage asset condition and compliance

How It Works
Digitize your assets

Block Aero’s AI-powered platform generates asset profiles for aircraft, engines and the parts from which they are made.

It accepts unstructured data uploads, such as PDF scans and image files, and is capable of rebuilding technical trace with an automation rate of 85% compared with manual paper-based processes.

Launch your blockchain

Block Aero enables users to commit their asset profiles to the blockchain with a single click, creating a permanent digital passport.

Users are able to share profiles with collaborators to help develop and maintain the asset profiles. For example, airlines can invite MRO organizations to submit shop visit reports.

Block Aero Platform
Blockchain Alliance

Block Aero is inviting airlines, lessors, MROs and organizations across the aerospace supply chain to launch a free digitization pilot program.

We will guide you through the process of using our AI-powered platform to transition paper-based asset documentation into structured data that can be committed to the blockchain.

Get in touch to learn more about how we can help your organization join the digital age.

Exclusive Program For Airlines, MROs, Lessors, & OEMs